Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Josh Podoll: paintings

Josh Podoll "A Color that Does Not Exist" 2012
acrylic paint, oil paint on canvas, 30 x 24”
Josh Podoll's most recent paintings are swirling and expanding atmospheres populated with a jumble of simple shapes and masses of various colors, densities and textures. Loosely formed, each floats as a mutable thing with irregular edges within the confines of the white canvas in much the way I imagine a mass of soup without a bowl would float in outer space—part animation, part science. Space generally opens towards the top of the canvas and a sense of weight or heaviness occurs at the bottom, yet there is no ground. Podoll's palette is limited and nears monochrome yet there are enough distinctions to move the push and pull over to micro macro. The more solidified shapes and masses moving through the splashes, bursts and gushes of the soup seem to be navigating under the playful intelligence of air traffic control. And every now and then I catch a glimpse of one of these paintings and it feels like a head full of thoughts.

Excerpt from the Feature Inc press release - September 5 – October 7 2012.

Josh Podoll "Untitled" 2010, acrylic paint on canvas, 58 x 78”

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